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Cloud Computing

Over the last few years, demand for cloud computing solutions have grown rapidly. As with any new technology, the initial response has been to focus on the technology itself, to learn about the new products, architectures and standards for cooperative processing. Simply having access to good technology is not enough; to succeed one need to know how to use the technology efficiently. This is where Quanta Tech comes into play. To work with you from the beginning of your cloud computing design to it’s completion.


Quanta Tech Inc. consultants start by learning your business goals, then analyzing the current processes and organizational structure. Quanta Tech Inc. has the proper framework within which to suggest the right technological solution to address the business problem and environment.


Quanta Tech Inc. can help you plan your entire computing strategy, creating a unified, efficient system for today and a flexible, growth-oriented path for the future. We can design and implement your global computing solutions.


No two businesses have the same computing needs. Quanta Tech can create customized network topologies tailored to the individual needs of an organization. This flexible approach ensures that you get a computing solution that works the way you do to allow you to achieve the full benefit of network computing.


Concerns about the potential problems created by changing architectures do not have to be obstacles to the powerful benefits offered by client-server architecture. Quanta Tech works closely with their clients to ensure a smooth, organized, partial or complete conversion. Our proven, step-by-step methodology serves as a blueprint for successful migration to any platform of your choice.


To achieve acceptance, any technological change must be supported by education and training throughout an organization. Quanta Tech provide a full range of education and training offerings to facilitate technology acceptance and enable change management regarding new computing strategies. Quanta Tech will also work with you to develop and implement your own education and training strategies to provide ongoing efficiency and effectiveness.