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Network Connectivity

Local Area Networks (LANs) can connect different workstation environments transparently, while maintaining system security and reliability. In addition, LANs give the user data processing speed and power that was only available in large central processing environments. Our connectivity consists of:

bulletA remote PC connected to a LAN allows remote users to access the network via modem
bulletInter-network Gateways enable once incompatible LAN operating systems to communicate to each other
bulletLAN to Host connectivity enables a network user to communicate from a PC through Novell or NT to a mainframe at considerable cost savings
bulletLocal bridging allows different topologies (Ethernet, Token Ring and Arcnet) to be interconnected on Novell or NT servers
bulletRemote bridging allows Novell or NT networks across the country to be linked together
bulletWe can help maximize your organization’s Client-Server usage, and help manage the migration of your existing systems to Client/Server architectures
bulletInterconnectivity of multivendor platforms.