Mobilizing entrepreneural solutions to global challenges

About Us

Quanta Tech continuously works to ensure a rich and diverse stream of solutions and services that address the needs of various industries and market segments.
Today, Quanta Tech delivers entrepreneural solutions that harness all the power of today’s technology, with the depth of functionality needed to successfully compete in a global economy.

For many years, Quanta Tech has been consulting, integrating, installing, training and supporting small businesses and individuals. Building on experience gained as a successful technology and service vendor, Quanta Tech’s consultants understand all your technological needs. We provide you with support unmatched in the computer industry.

Some of the services we provide include:

Customized operational services
Database selection/design/implementation
Network planning & design
Network installation
Problem determination
Software maintenance
Software usage assistance
Software selection/installation
Strategic planning
System installation/integration
System customization
Systems operations
Web development