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Other Services

Quanta Tech can also provide additional support and outsourcing services in order to help enhance the performance of your systems. Some of our value added services include:
• Remote PC and network diagnostics via a modem
• Hard disk backup services
• Preventative maintenance on PCs and printers
• Software installation/integration
• On-site training
• Loaners/Rentals
• System upgrades/enhancements
• Network consulting and design
• Network gateways, bridges and routers
• Peripheral sharing devices

Outsourcing is an agreement devoting a technician, to your site, one to five days per week from two to eight hours per day to perform whatever computer service needed. Outsourcing, on a regular basis, will save your organization time and money! Some of the benefits of outsourcing include:

·   No need to increase your staff in order to provide hands on technical support on all computer products currently in use

·   No need to stock computer parts in order to provide a fast turnaround on products that need to be replaced

·   Provides quick support on all hardware and software problems

·   Direct access to experienced workstation and network technicians

·   Consistency, on-site, with one technician

Quanta Tech offers responsive and professional computer maintenance and repair services for business professionals who cannot afford computer downtime. Whether your highest priority is extremely quick service or the lowest possible cost, we have maintenance plan that meet your specific needs.
We at Quanta Tech believe you and your company need to leverage full value from your current computing investment. Quanta Tech strive to use your current computing systems as part of our solution, allowing you to realize a measurable payoff from your technology investment.

Quanta Tech represents the next generation of business consulting, one that takes full advantage of the power of enterprise-wide computing. Through an integrated combination of business expertise and technical knowledge, Quanta Tech’s consultants can boost productivity, increase competitiveness, and help you and your companies achieve your business goals.

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