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Service Contracts

To guarantee a worry-free systems, Quanta Tech recommends the purchase of a computer service contract. A service contract will eliminate the high, unpredictable cost of “pay-as-you-go” computer repair service. Some of the most important reasons why you should secure your computer systems with a Quanta Tech service contract are:

Consumer-Focused Contracts
Quanta Tech provides customer focused contracts in order to refocus service contracts on the customer, rather than on the equipment or application being serviced. Quanta Tech’s customer focused service contracts match the service delivered to the unique needs of each customer while eliminating non-value-added focus of meeting real customer needs.

Guaranteed Response
We guarantee to get your computer systems up and running under this contract. Our goal is to make sure your computers are consistently functioning at their optimal performance in order to maximize your company’s investment.

Low Costs
A fixed annual cost for a service contract keeps your computer maintenance costs down. It allows you and your company to accurately budget for annual computer support. Labor, loaners and replacement parts are provided as well as telephone support to keep your staff productive.

On-Site Service
On-site service is provided after the manufacturers warranty as well as on new and existing equipment. Quanta Tech also offers preventative maintenance on your PCs and printers as well as service on your entire network. This eliminates the need for multiple support vendors.

Reduced Administrative Costs
You need not worry about purchase orders, unexpected checks to cut or bills to handle for your computing services.

High Quality Service
Our full time service representatives have extensive training and experience. They have been trained directly by our manufacturers in order to service all products sold by Quanta Tech.

Lower Personnel Costs
Your employees will not need to be trained or to waste productive hours servicing internal computers that should be serviced by an outside source like Quanta Tech. As a result, your employees can concentrate on the job they were hired to do.